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Tue, Aug 18, 2015 11:32 PM

Imdb account issues, and Pro issues with name.

I was having problems earlier. I had 2 Zack Leary credits, (I) and (II) both of which were me. On Zack Leary (II) I have IMDb Pro, which was new. I waited for the edit page to work and sent 4 merge submissions(I am impatient), and now Zack Leary (II) has been I belive deleted not merged with the other one. Now there is Zack Leary. On Pro, when I click my proflie, it goes to Zack Leary as if I was viewing a different account. My picture is gone, and my resume is not connected to Zack Leary.


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5 years ago

For starters...stop sending new submissions.

If you submit a request to correct names, it's likely to take a week or so. Sending new submissions for the same thing causes extra work for the staff processing them and makes it take longer. Submit it one time only.

Also, when merging pages, it's complicated and data will, as the link I provided to you last time says, sometimes disappear/reappear. Just be patient and wait it out. The same process has to happen whether you send one or many submissions. So there's no need for any more than one.

On top of that, the Pro connection needs to be established with the new page. So this takes more time still.

In two days, this all would not have been completed...but now it's probably even longer times how ever many extra submissions you add.

Please allow another week for processing to complete. If there's still a problem, ask about it here instead of adding duplicate submissions.