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Thu, Apr 8, 2021 10:10 AM

Images not uploading

Is there a known problem uploading images at the moment?

I was halfway through uploading some images when I started to get the message "Sorry we are unable to process your submission at this time. Please try again later." 

I haven't been able to upload any more images for around an hour now....

Any idea what's happening?



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7 d ago

Yes. It happened to me yesterday evening, so I left it for a few hours.

And later last night, I noticed that roughly 50+ of my image additions were still pending, so I didn't try to add the rest until those had been accepted, to make sure I added them in the correct order, and wouldn't have to upload the 50+ pending ones out of order if they got declined.

This morning I noticed the pending image additions have been accepted, so will start adding the rest shortly.


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Thank you for replying.

Yes it did come back eventually, just annoying when I had a schedule of things to due....

I've also noticed that for the last few weeks it takes a lot longer for images to be accepted. Up until then mine were going live almost as quick as I could post them, but now they "pend" overnight before going live...

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6 d ago

Hi Don -


I'm glad to hear that the issue is now resolved and you are able to successfully upload images again. If you continue experiencing this occurrence more regularly, please let us know so our technical team can investigate further.


In the meantime, unfortunately, we are a bit backlogged in processing image requests, new images are backlogged to April 5th with 1,685 pending submissions.  I encourage you to keep an eye on our current Data Processing Times to get an idea of when your image updates will be processed.


Thanks for your patience!