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Fri, Jul 11, 2014 10:35 PM

I quit

I don't think IMDb really gives a damn and I'm tired of resubmitting corrections only to have them ignored. I value my time too much.

Update: 140501-161155-574000

Submitted several times - latest was 2 months ago.

I quit.




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6 years ago

From ->

"Where someone is billed in the credits as Himself/Herself in a fictional piece and are playing a scripted, fictional version of themselves, we use the performer's name as the character name to avoid moving the credit to the 'Self' category even if the credits say Himself/Herself."

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6 years ago

Thank you. That makes sense. I don't live and breathe IMDb, so I missed that. Also, I don't know the significance of "avoid moving the credit to the 'Self' category" as a strategy.

Idea:  How about numbering the paragraphs in the Guide and providing #x links in the Guide. That would make it a lot easier for your overworked folks to point the way to well intentioned but misguided people like me.  :-)



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I like your idea. I posted your idea in a separate thread (Number the Paragraphs in the Updates Guide) and gave you credit.

Legal and technical documents frequently have numbered paragraph and/or lines. For that matter, The Bible numbers chapters and verses. This makes is easier to reference a specific paragraph.

IMDb's updates guide encodes IMDb's policies for updating information on IMDb. It functions as a quasi legal document.

Since this suggestion affects multiple staff members and contributors, it would be very useful to have a discussion in this thread about the pros and cons of implementing this idea, and the most productive method for implementing this idea.