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Sat, Jan 10, 2015 6:51 PM

I need to add an ending year to the 2004 version of "Private Islands" on

I need you to add an ending year to the 2004 version of Private Islands on Here's the link to the show I am referring to:  Could you please add 2004 as the ending year?




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6 years ago

IMDB staff tend to browse the boards during business hours so you may not get a response over the weekend. But while we're on the subject of series that need ending dates here is another they can fix:
Fame (the tv contest show) needs an ending year of 2003 (the same year it started, it was only for the summer of 2003)



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6 years ago

Hi Cornelius and Vincent -

Thanks for reporting both these titles, the series end-years have been applied and should be displayed on the title pages shortly.  Cheers!