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Thu, Jul 26, 2018 1:49 PM


I have been credited under "Self" for a credit that should be under "Actress" How do I fix this?!?

In a series, I play the character of "Victoria Gotti" however it has been credited under "self" instead of under "actress." How do I move the credit? 



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3 y ago

Hi Michelle -

Please note that most documentaries include appearances of famous people as themselves (i.e. being interviewed or in stock footage), but some also feature reenactments with actors portraying historical characters, these often incorrectly end up in the "Himself/Herself" listing (even though the credit will still list the proper character name) as a result of the title genre.

I've updated the series episode to include the reenactment keyword, this will move your credit into the correct section of your filmography, the change should be live on the site shortly.Cheers!

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2 y ago

I am having the same issue with 2 credits and they are not documentaries. I added "re-enactment" to the episode keywords and submitted changes and its not working. Can you help me?

The Fourth Annual 'On Cinema' Oscar Special (Video) 
Herself / Marilyn Monroe
*They won;t let me change the character to just "Marilyn Monroe" when that is the role I played. It is listed under Self instead of Actress, where it should be.

This Is Not Happening (TV Series) 
Gorgeous Girl
Drugs, Drugs, Drugs ... Gorgeous Girl
*This should aslo be listed under Actress credits not Self.

I don't understand and this is such a headache to try to get changed. Everything keeps getting declined!