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Tue, Jun 23, 2020 6:17 PM

I found somebody adding multiple fake acting credits. 100 to be exact.


All fake. None of the photos show her in any scenes. The photo descriptions lead you to believe this is a crazy person adding random stuff to the site.

Was looking at the Top Gun Maverick imdb page and found this. The hardest working actress in 2020.

21 credits in 2020. One of the cast of the upcoming Top Gun Maverick and she was in a Seinfeld episode apparently.

Credits herself as Art director for Disney / ABC in this movie review.


She also hosted the Chris Rock show with Don Johnson, even though it wasnt a Don Johnson hosted episode.


And a "dancer" in RuPauls Drag Race.

Countless movies and documentaries.

She's even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


I've tried to edit her additions and am waiting for an outcome.

Is there any way to remove her account fully because it's getting out of hand, she'll have more credits than Samuel Jackson by the end of the week




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1 y ago

Hello Ian,

An IMDb representative will likely investigate this matter. Please wait for a response. Thanks for the report.



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1 y ago

Hi Ian -

I reviewed the name page you reported and can see that since your report all of the credits have been removed aside for some minor "uncredited" entries. 

I have also filed a ticket for the appropriate tech team to investigate the filmography display further as we require a credited entry for any uncredited listings to display.