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Thu, Jan 14, 2021 6:59 AM


I don't understand why my contribution of a middle name of an actress was rejected.

I submitted the place of birth of an actress from information obtained from the California Birth Index at and it was rejected as "Does not meet contribution guidelines.".

I have updated several profiles using that website and very rarely have they ever been rejected, so I can't understand why this is the case with this one as it already lists the name and DOB.

Actress Aryana Chawn at lists her DOB as "August 18, 1986 in California, USA".  It also listed her birth name as "Chawn Jones".  When I checked the California Birth Index, I found her full name at which provided her middle name and that she was born in Los Angeles County, California.  When I updated her profile with her middle name and the county in California where she was born, the middle name was accepted, but the place of birth was rejected.

The update number was #210110-115117-048000 and I'm just curious as to why it was rejected as the middle name was accepted using the same information.  I've checked the submission guidelines and if there are reasons for rejecting it, I can't identify them.

Can anyone answer this question for me?  Thanks.


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11 days ago

Hi justin_6415368 -


The birth date update you submitted for Aryana Chawn has now been approved and the change should be live on the site shortly.



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Thanks Michelle.