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Sat, Nov 2, 2019 12:20 AM

I Can't Delete A Credit That's Not Me

Someone mistakenly put me as an actor in a music video that only shows the silhouette of cast. I'm not involved nor have I ever been involved with this production or anyone with this production as I'm a full-time location manager. I've been asking IMDB to take this off my page going on years now. I keep getting denied.

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a year ago

TBH I still wonder why I’m the only person who seems to smell a fish@ The fact that IMBd STILL requires a third-party platform after all these years for this, making it even worse than LinkedIn. This is not the way to approach things.Apologies for my comment having nothing to do with the problem but I feel this needs to be stated.
 - - Why? Because it gives the best created a subtle taste in their mouth that is almost impossible to get rid of. 



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Lloyd David Lieberman, LinkedIn and IMDb have very different purposes.
IMDb is, first and foremost, database. It houses information about movies (by extension other audiovisual media) and people involved. It provides some resume and representation services, however mostly through additional services, such as IMDb Pro and Title Scorecard. 

LinkedIn is primarily a resume social network. Its whole purpose is to be first and foremost that.

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