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Fri, Jan 5, 2018 8:42 PM

I Accidently added a wrong deathdate of a person, that did'nt die at the Contributions. I mixed up 2 Actors.

Hello, i mixed up Brian Bonsall, who probably still lives with Jon Paul Steuer  whwho actually died. the actors acted the same character in tthe 90's Star-Trek-Series  with  Patrick  Steward.  I tried to correct it, but couldn't really, because it was allready sent. I hope, IMDb won't delete my account for that. I'm really sorry. I Shouldn't make contributions, when i'm tired. Can anybody explain me, how to clean the situation? Thank you guys.

P.S.: It's usually not mine to be incorrect. Normally i check and recheck and recheck.




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3 y ago

Hi Breumaster -

No worries, accidents happen!  I have rejected the death date submission for "Brian Bonsall", rest assured that it will not be posted on the site, also rest assured that your account will not be negatively effected.  Cheers!

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3 y ago

Thank you very much. :)))

I know death dates are no matter to make jokes of. :) Now i'm really relieved.
Declaring someones death who is'nt dead, is'nt fun at all.
What an angel you are! :))) Nice to meet you, Michelle. :)
Have a nice day. :)

Mike. :)