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Thu, Jul 18, 2013 2:57 AM

How to remove an incorrectly listed film?

PLEASE NOTE: I am resubmitting this question in an updated format, as it has not been acknowledged or answered by the IMDB staff.

How can I remove a film listing, since my standard submissions for removal have been ignored?

I am trying to remove the film "Kely" from IMDB, as it was never completed and is an incorrect listing:

To give some background, this film was never completed, and as the sole person responsible for this project, I guarantee this film is not a credible IMDB listing, and it would be appropriate for the film to be removed. I have requested this more than once, and I hope it can be acted upon.

As per the IMDB guidelines:

"For a work to be eligible for inclusion in the database it must be of general public interest and should be available to the public or have been available in the past."

The film in question was never:

- Released in cinemas.
- Shown on non-local TV.
- Released on video or prints have been made available to the public (See exceptions below on limited distribution titles).
- Listed in the catalog of an established video retailer.
- Accepted and shown on film festivals that don't accept everything regardless of its quality (if you have doubt, see this page for details).
- Made by a (now) famous artist or person of public interest.
- Made famous for some reason and is widely talked about/referenced in non-local media or the 'film community' or is now of general historic interest for some reason."

This film does not meet any of these requirements. It does not exist in any completed form and is not available or has been released to the public.

Anyone's help to ensure that IMDB remove this film from their database would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!




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8 years ago

The problem is that there is some evidence it was completed as there is (well was) a premiere listed and it is on a film awards site:

However, it doesn't seem to meet the inclusion criteria here (I have no idea how it was even accepted) but that it is a different beast compared to "it was never completed". It can't help that there is also a trailer on the film's entry.

The problem is that some people try and remove their earlier credits now they are embarrassed over their juvenilia, so the working assumption of staff is that it has met the inclusion criteria when it was submitted (although I'd love to know what that was) and this is a genuine project that you admit you were involved in. All of which means this is going to be a tricky beast to dislodge.

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8 years ago

I am not debating that a film of some sort existed for this entry. I am stating instead that it does not, and never did, fulfill IMDB's submission guidelines.

It would be great if someone from IMDB would assist with this, as I will continue to submit removal requests until they take notice.



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8 years ago

I don't know how you submitted your requests, but you may want to look at this FAQ, last bullet point.