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Sun, Jan 1, 2017 10:59 PM

How to get a name on the cast list?

The Life and Death of John Gotti is being released this coming February.  My son Silas Mayers plays young John Gotti and his name does not appear on the cast list. He has speaking parts so should definitely be on the list.  How do I go about getting that updated?  I tried already and was denied.  I can email his script or copy of his casting call.  Please let me know. Thanks, Wayne




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5 y ago

Sorry about that.  Ordinarily you could supply additional evidence via http://www.imdb.com/help/show_leaf?additionalverification

However, in this case the submission is caught in the holiday backlog as you first submitted this last Monday.  Please see http://www.imdb.com/help/show_leaf?addsprocessingtimes 

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4 y ago

Hi Col,

I have the same issue with my daughter. A name page has been created for Petkova, Gabriella for 1 credit as Italian Bell Girl in Aquaman 2018. But she does not appear in the cast list of the movie. Do we have to provide an evidence as well? She has a contract and call list as well.