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Saturday, July 9th, 2022 8:11 PM


How To Flag Title For Deletion

This untitled Batman Reboot seems to be made as a Joke and yet was somehow accepted. The storyline paragraph is barely readable, and the cast makes zero sense. I can't find anything about it online so I don't think it actually exists (since it says it came out in January). How can I report the whole title to get removed?


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1 year ago

Some titles have "Request deletion" option in submission form but, some others, based on unknown criteria, do not have it (I think age of the title page is a factor or maybe also submitter, moviemeter etc..)

This title does not have that option, so this link could be used in that case: https://help.imdb.com/contact?deepLink=delete_title&disableLoginPopup=true

but since you opened a thread already, you can wait for a staff member here to handle it.




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1 year ago

Hello james_stacey,

I encourage you to take a look at our Title Corrections help guide in order to find instructions to submit a Title deletion, scroll to the section "Deleting a title page on IMDb" and you will see detailed steps for you to request the deletion.

Finally, as mbmb mentioned certain titles will not display a "Title Deletion" option. These titles have been identified as of general public interest. If there's a specific reason you believe a title like this should be removed, please reach out via our Contact Form.