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Sat, Jan 22, 2022 9:52 AM


how to delete these release dates from these movies


the scarlet letter release dates that i posted are all wrong, i would like to remove new zealand and put canada in october 13th 1995 not in oct 20th 1995


in this release info of buffalo 66 i posted new zealand in oct 15 1998, that should be only in the select city of  auckland but not the theatrical release

please imdb employees can all you help me to delete these wrong release dates by mistakes ok.



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4 m ago

Hi rafhafilandrouk -

If there are incorrect Release dates listed on the titles you referenced ("The Scarlet Letter" & "Buffalo '66"), you can submit the applicable corrections/deletions through our online Update form.

For detailed instructions on how to update Release Date details on the site I encourage yo to review our Help Guide.

Once the updates are submitted our editors will take a look.