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Fri, Feb 8, 2019 5:49 PM

How to Credit People Cut Out of Film?

Hi, I'm making a documentary and we have tons of interviewees. Some of them may be cut out, but they will still be in our additional release materials and behind the scenes. Is there a way to credit them on IMDb for this, or do we just go ahead and leave them in the main credits (as listed now)? They all deserve credit for their contributions... maybe put them in special thanks? Advice will be appreciated. Thanks.




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3 y ago

Hi Staci, 

This will depend on how they are credited on screen in the finished production. 

If someone was credited on screen for an appearance but their scene(s) did not appear in the final production, this can be submitted to IMDb with the added attribute of (scenes deleted).  For more information, please refer to our guide on attributes below:

If they are credited on screen as a 'thanks' credit, this can be added to the Thanks section of IMDb, following the guide below:


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3 y ago

Often when people are interviewed (or filmed in some other ways) - but not included in the final cut - they’re credited/acknowledged in some other way. Often ”Special thanks”, or maybe something like ”Specialist” (documentary interviews). Or maybe ”Background interviewee” or something along those lines.

You can’t really credit people in the ”Cast section” (”him/herself” are also part of the ”Cast” in IMDb) if they don’t actually appear in the program (this is more like common sense to me). Also, cast & crew credits should be planned/finalized BEFORE the film/documentary is released. It’s not the best plan to think that ”we’ll fix the credits later on in IMDb”. This could cause issues/hassle with IMDb, when they require additional proof etc.

Cast is something that actually appears in the final, released version of the film. Deleted scenes, behind the scenes, additional interviews (maybe included in the DVD as extras etc) do not belong to Cast section. It’s up to the filmmakers to figure another way to add them to the actual credits.