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Wed, Jan 13, 2021 7:04 PM

How to change an existing Format Type from TV-Special to TV-Series?

Snader Telescriptions (1950) was entered as a Television Special.  However, there were hundreds of the Snader telescriptions musical videos made for television from 1950-1954.  Each should be entered separately, however the current format as a television special makes it not possible to enter them.




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5 m ago

Wow, there are a lot of these requests this week.

Well, if you mean this title


it's a TV movie, not a TV special. 

So here's all you need:

Submit a Title Correction, placing Snader Telescriptions in quotes, thus:

The quotes indicate TV-series, as described here:


Be patient, as title corrections take a while, and unfortunately we have no tracking mechanism to see if they are Approved/Declined/Pending as with other data types. The Processing Times page can help you determine when to inquire to the Help Desk if the change is not made when all other Title processing passes your contribution's date:


help desk:


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Thank you much for your prompt and informative reply.  I'll give it a try - and I'll be patient.

Thanks again.