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Tue, Jun 5, 2018 1:45 PM

How to change a company name?

Hi David... Im in need to change my production company and I have credits with my new do I do this?

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2 years ago

Hi John -

You will need to send a request directly to our Help staff to make the change, you can find detailed instructions on how to report company name changes on the following Help page:


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2 years ago

It is pretty easy, but I would further clarify that the pathway to contact with proper processing department is for a contributor, having visited the contact page, to select the topic "IMDb Fan/Contributor questions", the issue "Company data" and the issue details "Change company name". I have not used such a feature yet, but seemingly that is how it works for the time being. The web page form data is consolidated into one text area input containing the parameters to be accompanied by answers provided by the contributor:
Please provide the following information (where possible):

Company IMDb page link:
The new name:
Your relationship to the company:
Short explanation of why this should be updated: