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Tue, Sep 3, 2013 5:34 PM

How do I update the year (next to the title of my film)? Now it's 4 Question marks ('????').

I have four question marks ('????') next to the title of my film, which I believe should be the year it was completed. How do I update the date/year of completion? I can't seem to find this anywhere. The film hasn't had a public ('world') premiere yet, but had been completed in the first week of June, 2013.




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7 years ago

Hi David -

The year listed on a title should be the year of release.

If the title is not yet released, you should submit the expected year of release for that title through the Update form. Under the "Basic Data" section, you will find the option to add a Release Date. Once the release date is added the title can then be corrected to show the year.



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7 years ago

Also when it is released, update the Production Status field. That should help kick the system into gear too.