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Sat, Mar 22, 2014 7:10 PM

How do I remove the tag/word Video from my feature film title

My feature film all of a sudden has the word Video describing the movie right before the running time. How do I remove that??




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7 years ago

Very strange. Is this regarding The Projectionist (it's always best to give out the specifics when you's helps skip digging and guess work-help us help you by linking to the pages you're talking about)?

When I first opened the page it, indeed, said video.  Also, in edit mode, most categories would not the one to edit the title to remove (video).  Coming back, some pages now don't display "video" and the edit categories are back.

It might be it a submission was already made to edit the title and it was in processing while I looked.  I'd wait a while and see if it completes the process.