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Thu, Jun 10, 2021 8:30 AM

How do I merge a TV series into a movie?


This is a 2003 movie that aired on TV 2 years later. It should have the 2005 release date with the "TV premiere" attribute.

Instead someone created a whole separate listing for the TV showing, as a TV movie:


Then someone else turned this TV movie into a TV series simply because it was split into 3 parts for the TV airing, so this person created 3 additional titles for each "episode":




None of the "episodes" nor the "series" have exact dates, just the year, and none of the episodes have any details at all, other than cast and crew. No running time for the episodes or the series.

The movie and the "series" have pretty much the same information, though I notice the user-ratings are different. The movie listing has more info, like more production companies, more production countries, and more languages. The "series" is incomplete in these areas.

Obviously these all have to be merged into one theatrical movie. But how do I do that? If I merge the series into the movie, what happens to the episodes (with their cast/crew data)? Do I have to merge each episode with the parent series first? Or merge each episode with the movie, one at a time? Or merge the episodes with each other until there's only one episode left, then merge that with the series, then merge the series with the movie?

If I just do series->movie, it would be nice if all the episodes would go along with it, but if the episodes disappear then there goes all the cast/crew data.


Accepted Solution

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12 d ago

I think "series->movie" wouldn't work without making it to have 0 episodes first. All your other options looks valid.

I would do this: "merge each episode with the movie, one at a time", then lastly "merge the empty series page with the movie"

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1 d ago

The first step worked by merging each of the episodes into the movie, all of which I submitted at the same time (in separate submissions of course).

The second step, merging the series (now empty with no episodes) with the movie, was denied the first time. But when I resubmitted it with a more elaborate explanation in the box, it was approved.

All done now.