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Thu, Oct 31, 2013 12:51 AM

How do I edit my company's address?

I cannot find anywhere to edit my company's address, or any former searches about doing so in the help page, could you please advise?




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7 years ago

You need to go to the IMDbPro page for the company, hit the Update button, then choose to Correct/Delete the Branch.

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6 years ago

What if it isn't a branch but the one and only office?



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For the purposes of IMDb the head office or the sole office is a 'branch'.

On the Pro Company page the Branch Offices are shown in the column at the right side of the page with the Title Branch Offices (n)  where (n) is the number of Branches (see Emotion Film Factory [FR]  for an example). In this case follow sienel's advice.

If  the right-hand secton is missing this data, your Company does not yet have a Branch defined (see Film Factory [US]  for an example). If this is the case for you, select Add 1 item beside Branches (instead of Correct/Delete); click Continue, and then fill in the form.

If you need more detailed help, post a reply here, preferably including the name of your Company.