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Wed, Aug 14, 2019 3:46 PM

How do I change my short from TV to Movie

How do I change my short films Title description from TV to regular film?




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2 y ago

Hi Gabriel -

In addition to Tom's instructions to submit a Title Correction, you can find our title formats on the following Help page:

Let us know if you have any further questions!

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1 y ago

Hi, I need help with changing my project from a TV Movie to a Short Film. the link posted is still confusing me, as it's showing how to change the project name itself, but I just want to change the project type. Please help, thank you so much.

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For each movie, primary title data (the unique mnemonic identifier used by the database) is comprised of the actual title, followed by the parenthesized release year and a disambiguating number, followed by the parenthesized abbreviation for the title type; thus when changing this information, the actual title is not necessarily being changed. In the part with the release year, the calendar year number formed by Arabic numerals and separated by a forward slash from the disambiguating number formed by Roman numerals.