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Mon, Nov 1, 2021 7:12 PM


How can we trust anything on this site?

This past weekend, I looked up Honor Swinton Byrne.  She is the daughter of Tilda Swinton.  There is no birth date listed on Honor's page.  So, I went to Tilda's page and on it it says she gave birth to Honor on 10/6/97.  So I naturally submitted this info to IMDB to update Honor's page.  I told them her birthday was listed on Tilda's page.  They turned down this contribution saying they were unable to verify the contribution.  This is incredible because it means that what they post on this website is not a reliable source.  In other words, they don't trust what they post to be truthful! To quote Frank Zappa, "Isn't that amazing!" 



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Il y a 6 m

One thing is a trivia item, another is a birthdate entry, which would be used for searches and would be more likely to be used as a source by other outlets. I find it reassuring that they didn't approve your submission.

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Il y a 6 m

With birth/death dates, strong proof/sources are needed. Social media sites, homepages, Wikipedia, gossip sites… none of these are accepted (alone, at least). With children, it’s probably even harder.



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Il y a 6 m

Hi ztifga -

As already mentioned above, in order for a birthdate to be approved, sufficient verifying evidence must be included within the submission form.  Linking to another IMDB page on the site will not be enough to approve a birthdate.

Ideally, when submitting a birthdate you should include links to public records, printed publications, or official documents.

I hope this helps!