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Monday, November 20th, 2023 5:53 PM


How can I correct the episode release dates if it is released in the future of the original release date?

Hey! I am trying to edit my TV Mini Series release dates, it keeps on keeping the past release date.

Me and my friend created this series back in 2020 but we only released 4 episodes and want to restart the whole show now. 

The show is titled Plotagon Academy! 

I submitted a few times to change the date of the release of episode 1 but it keeps on declining. I submitted a new release date for episode 1 two times and it's up on the site but the main one is 2020. How can I get that one off? 

Here is the link to my submission.


The first & second episode is out (the second one just released today) and then the 3rd and 4th will be shortly and more.

Let me know if you would need a link or something about Plotagon Academy.

Thank you and I hope you can get this changed. Hope you all have a Blessed Thanksgiving with your family!



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20 days ago

Hi @SweetSugarDaywithCherry -

If the episodes were released we will not delete the release date, if only 4 were released those will have to keep the original release date.


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19 days ago

Hey @Bethanny

Thank you for messaging back and letting me know, thanks