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Sat, Nov 21, 2020 8:30 PM


Hosting Credits

Hi - Obviously I couldn't find a category and tried to search for other actors who maybe have done this so I could copy from their addition - but couldn't find anything concrete  - SO:

I am the Host for this winter's Pledge Breaks for PBS in NYC - I uploaded a video clip of them (I complied them) - as this is airing on TV etc - How can I add this as an IMDB (SELF-Host) credit  assuming I can?




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14 days ago

On IMDbPro there is an Additional Credits section with categories like commercials and hosting.

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You can only add a "verified" credit if the production is listed as a title in IMDb. I'm not sure whether breaks like what you mention would be accepted into the database.

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Thank you - It is Unverified  as I can see by the link you attached - which is why I couldn't I guess find a category - but - it says you CAN try and submit unverified - like hosting - so- I will try and see if they reject it - The video uploaded to my profile - so they can see it for themselves - if they even do that - But we'll see - and Thank you!