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Fri, Mar 14, 2014 3:58 PM

Hi how can I change My Page from one person's name to another?

I would like to change the current profile in the MY PAGE category to a different one and the system does not let me change it




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7 y ago

Can you elaborate a bit?  I am not sure exactly what you're asking.  

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7 y ago

If the name is incorrect, and you want to select a different name, please use this link:
to re-start the IMDbPro process (where you can re-enter the name that
you want to build/upload a personal resume or upload pictures for).

Please note, IMDbPro subscriptions only allow uploading one resume
and/or one set of photos per individual. Once you have entered the name
of the person for which you wish to upload a resume or photos, you won't
be able to claim another for another person unless you create a second

If you want to upload photos for the person whose name shows up on your
subscription, and for other people, do not use the start-over link, as
it'll completely delete any data that you've uploaded into the system,
and reset the name on your resume subscription.

If you wish to upload photos or a resume for several individuals, you
will have to logout and signup for a separate IMDbPro subscription
(using a different email address for each person).