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Fri, Jun 5, 2020 9:29 AM

Help - Keep Declining Credits "Unable to Verify" - provided explanation, easily verified support!

Submitted number of times... Photos/screenshots/video clips links and explanation where available (not protected by NDA) were provided to be verified in the extra box provided per help guidelines but keeps getting declined, which seems proof was not viewed, as stills and tags of episodes were verified and published on shows. No explanation, just repeated, canned responses that don't seem applicable.


Besides you guys watching the shows or short of providing the payroll statement... appreciate help getting these added! Thanks.


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10 m ago

Hi there,

Thanks for your message.

If you have submitted an update and it has not been accepted, it means that our editors were probably unable to verify it and need further information/additional evidence.

If you are adding a credit for a released title, the best evidence is a screen grab/image showing your name and credit as it appears in the main or end titles of that show. 

If you are adding a credit for an unreleased title, verification should include proof of employment - this can come in the form of pay stubs, receipts, call sheets or contracts for the production, any mentions within the media of the role on the production from reputable third-party sources.

In order to help our staff verify the credit, we suggest you obtain a screen grab of the credit and include it within the explanation field when submitting your update. Please note, the below only applies if your submission was placed via the Desktop title or name page - for all other submissions, please see our help site ( for further information or details on how to contact us.

To add additional information to your submission, see below:

    1) Upload the screen grab of your evidence to an image/file sharing platform such as imgur or Dropbox. We're unable to access sharing services if login is required.

    2) Find your original submission in your update history (

    3) Verify that all the data is still valid. If you need to update/amend the information, you can do so now.

    4) Tick the box which says "Provide an explanation to assist in processing this submission" and click Check these updates.

    5) In the Explanation field which appears, you can input the URL (note: If this is password protected, please include the password here.)

    6) Submit the form.

Our editors will review the image and comments you have supplied and use them to re-examine your update. If they can verify that the submission is eligible to be included, they will accept it.

If you are not listed in the end credits and you cannot provide us the information requested above, instead please provide us with any pay stubs and/or call sheets for review and we will look into this further for you - at least one link is mandatory but the more evidence you can provide the better. Also please be aware that if approved onto the website you will be listed with the additional attribute '(uncredited)' to reflect that your name was not listed in the end credits.

You can do this by following the steps explained above and our editors will review this request further for you.

Please note, to protect customer data, our systems do not accept direct attachments.

For more information on the attribute 'uncredited' please see the following:Thank you in advance.