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Thu, Mar 24, 2016 1:30 PM

Heeelp ! Someone changed my name here on IMDb !!

Im sending this email hoping that I will reach someone who is able to let me know what to do,
when my personal profile here on IMDb has been manipulated and changed in the such a way, that I might have to start all over again.

My real name is CARSTEN BOHN, and I until recently have listed all of the TV-movies that I contributed music for. I have had several updates with a total of 13 movies, some of them in co-operation with other composers. (here is the name that appears when I log in on the main page ( with my password IMDb member since August 2006

Now, a few days ago, I wanted to check my listings again, after seeing that a new movie that I worked on, had been aired on german TV. When writing my real name to search for, I was routed to the profile of a RALPH BONDA with the remark aka Carsten Bohn, and I found all of the films that I worked on, listed with the wrong name for composer -> RALPH BONDA ( the name is actually the "lyric-writer-alias for Dr. Andreas Beurmann, a man who has been my oponent in a legal court case between me and the company SONY Music former BMG Germany.

What can or what should I do to change the data here in IMDb back to the real information in order to be presented correctly ?? Should I register new and erase the old data based on the fake person RALPH BONDA, or should / can I edit the existing data ??  and last not least : what can I/U do to prevent such data manipulation in the future ??

Im looking ver much forward to your answer, and I hope that this case will be solved quickly, because theres so much other stuff that needs to be done - its a time consuming process to correct wrong information presented by whoever !!

With best regards from Hamburg
Carsten Bohn




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5 y ago

Carsten: Anyone can put exactly one picture on their user page (your "cb-136" page in this case) for no charge.

However, to put photos on a name page such as, one would normally have to pay for a subscription to IMDbPro (see for details).



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5 y ago

Hi Carsten -

The information gromit82 provided is correct, Photo submissions are handled through IMDb Resume Services, which is a service offered as part of a subscription to

Alternatively, a workaround if you don't want to sign-up for IMDbPro, is if you worked on a title and are featured in a production still or behind-the-scenes still for that title, you can upload the image to the title page and tag your name, the image will then display within your photo gallery.  For more information see here