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Thu, Sep 22, 2022 3:32 PM


Having trouble claiming my acting credit for TV show "Joe Vs. Carole" 220904-002335-896000

Hello, fellow community members, I am having difficulty claiming one of my acting TV credits and would be most grateful for any wisdom on the subject.
I appear to have multiple issues that are slowing my progress:
1. My name listed in the credits of the episode that I appear in is "John Nelson" but I have set up my page using my full name "John Lief Nelson" to avoid confusion with other John Nelsons. (of which there are a few.) How do I claim it without my full name being listed in the credits? Because of the name difference, I am getting this warning: " 'Nelson, John Lief'is being added to an already complete cast."
2. My credit appears to have been automatically credited to another John Nelson!
3. The name of my character in the episode is "Voice from Crowd"  Which isn't very sexy, but is in fact an on-camera speaking part in the show. I get a warning before I submit the credit form saying "The character name includes a word which suggests it might be an attribute."
4. Are credits sorted and approved by A.I.? I contacted the staff about my woes and got back what looks like an auto-reply, (He didn't address any of the questions I asked or acknowledge the proofs that I sent, ( Are the staff members A.I. too?) Please see below for my inquiry to the staff and his reply if that is any help in figuring out the problem. 
Kind regards, John Lief Nelson
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"Joe vs. Carole" (2022) {A Fairy Tale (#1.6)}Voice from Crowd
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Hello, IMDb Team, I am an actor new to IMDb and in the process of claiming my film and TV credits. I am wanting to add my episodic tv credit from "Joe vs. Carole" (2022) {A Fairy Tale (#1.6)} I am unsure how to claim it as I am setting up my Page profile using my full name John Lief Nelson (this is to avoid confusion with other John Nelsons listed on IMDb)
However, my credit simply has "John Nelson" listed as the name. It also appears to have been mysteriously attributed to another John Nelson. : ( As proof, I can offer a copy of my signed contract for the part as well as a pay stub and perhaps a photocopy of my driver's license. In the contract, you can see that I have initialed all pages (JLN) and at the bottom of the contract I have filled it out with my full name John Lief Nelson. (As well, my signature on the contract and on my driver's license match)
One other note: My character name (Voice from Crowd) is a bit of a misnomer as I have an on-camera speaking part. For proof of this and to identify me in the show please watch the first few seconds of my showreel which contains this scene, please click the Vimeo link to my reel. https://vimeo.com/719550662
Thank you for your help. Kind regards, John Lief Nelson
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Message from Customer Service
Hi there,

Thanks for your message about this title.

Title pages cannot be claimed on IMDb, this is only available for individual name pages as explained on our help center:


In order to be as comprehensive and current as possible, we cannot restrict updates for a specific title to a single source or reject further changes.

Regarding the credits addition:

You can contribute your new credit request via the Edit page form found at the bottom of either the name or title page on the site itself. This ensures the update is properly formatted and delivered to the appropriate members of our data editing team!

If you need a little help, please look through our guide on how to add credits to the database:


If you have any further questions or problems with the process mentioned above, please let us know and we'll help out however we can.


Do you want to help IMDb by adding missing data?

We welcome you to try IMDb Answers. The updating feed of questions makes this an easy way to share your knowledge with entertainment fans.

Best regards,
Luis I
IMDb Customer Service

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Il y a 2 d

Hi @snowball -

My apologies for the misunderstanding from our support team.  I have now corrected and moved the credit to your correct page under "John Lief Nelson".



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@Michelle​ Hello, Michelle! Thank you so much for mending that little kerfuffle. You're a legend! I have seen your name come up many times in solving people's IMDbpro woes! Clearly, competence is your middle name.  : )

Kind regards, John