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Thu, Dec 7, 2017 4:14 PM

Hate The New List Layout

Can we either go back to yesterday's version or have the option to?  Because now, my links to other lists of mine at the top is a total disaster, completely jumbled up.  It's an embarrassment.  And the list itself is now structured in a way that is ugly and bloated; where yesterday you could have 3 shows plus a little review on just one page, one screenshot basically, now you can barely have 1, and the writing's too large, it's hideous and it's going to turn a lot of people off reading lists, because they're now a chore to get through.

With lists, you want efficiency, being able to scroll through easily.  Now try reading this, scroll through it if you will, tell me that it doesn't give you a headache!:

And I've just noticed!  The update has taken away page views, so I now have NO IDEA how many views I've had/am getting!  What is going on at IMDb today?!  Most of the point of making a list was seeing how many views you could get, what's the point now??  One/many of your colleagues have now ruined their own site, please change it back/provide the option to stick with the new version (no-one in their right mind ever would) or revert back to the version that works.


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