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Mon, Apr 27, 2020 7:56 PM


Grayson, Here is the original Ukrainian title card from "Idu do tebe..."


This is a continuation of the earlier thread about this title, which, since it has been marked "Solved", will no longer be examined by managers. You can append this post to that thread when this actually is finally solved.

In closing that thread, you stated: "The title card has been shown to read “Idu k tebe” on screen and so that will be the primary title text we will display."

I repeatedly stated in the earlier thread that the original release in the Ukrainian SSR in late 1971 had a Ukrainian title card. But I did not actually post it. Since, apparently, a picture is worth a thousand words of "spirited discussion", here it is:

That is Ukrainian. The transliteration is "Idu do tebe...".  This is the title card that appeared in the original release in the Ukrainian SSR in late 1971. It predates the Russian title card used in the wide re-release in mid 1972 by more than half a year. Now that you've seen the original Ukrainian title card from the original release, and you can see that it reads "Idu do tebe..." on screen, I trust that, following the IMDb rules and your own reasoning, you will see and agree that "Idu do tebe..." should be the primary title in the IMDb.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am certainly willing to discuss this further.


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