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Thursday, May 5th, 2022 4:44 PM


Getting my credit back up on IMDb & verified with my Legal/First Name they used on Title.

Michelle I need to ask you for help. My everyday & stage name is Cindy Chase and that is my name on my IMDbPro page. But my legal & married name is Cynthia M Chase which is on all drives license, passport, social security card and what I sign doing contracts. I played a role/ Pat Gray’s Wife on the Show “GASLIT” EP103 which was shot on 9/17/2021. My credit was up on IMDb but one week before the premiere of the first show airing my credit disappeared? Now I have my (SAG AFTRA Guest Star Agreement - Direct Hire Actors Television Motion Picture Contract) (My Paystub)&(Call Sheet) Only thing on call sheet only states Pat Gray’s Wife (Cynthia) This was not your classic casting I was casted that day on set by Director Matt Ross and I think they are using my legal name in the credits. It will be airing this Sunday 5/8/22 so I can record the end titles or just take a photo if that’s ok where my credit appears? But how do I handle the name issue?
Cindy Chase on my IMDb page but

Cynthia M Chase Legal/Married Name?

I do have Contract, Call Sheet,PayStub, and My NY Drivers License all scanned and ready to send if need be. I did try a few weeks ago a few times to fix this with changing characters name ect think I drove them crazy Lol just kept getting rejected then I realized must be they used my legal name even tried putting in as:Cynthia M Chase?  But rejected!
Michelle please if you can walk me through this I’d so appreciate it. It’s a big deal it was a gift from above and will help me that I earned this role.

Thanks from the not so techie

Cindy Chase



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1 year ago

Hi CindyChase -

As I understand, I can see that you are listed under the name "Cindy Chase" on the site, however, you will likely be credited on-screen for the "Gaslit" episode under a different name, ie. "Cynthia M Chase", is that correct?

If so, you should still submit the episode credit to your existing IMDb page, however, you will need to include the AKA name attribute: "(as Cynthia M Chase)" to accompany your "Gaslit" credit.

Let us know if you have any further questions!