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Tue, May 20, 2014 9:48 AM


Frustrated with the pop up credit posters that represent me

It seems impossible that the "poster" titles that list what I'm known for will never change. They've been the same for 10 years now. I've been in shows and movies which are more recent and whichI know have a higher rating on IMDB, e.g. The Muppets, Veronica Mars, Entourage, Terriers. Why can't these be the titles and images that pop up? I believe this is adding to the difficulty to book newer jobs. When people look me up, and take a quick, cursory look at my name, it's having a more negative than beneficial effect on my career. Can the profession be any more difficult.Please, someone at IMDB, Help me!!!. All I ever receive are automatic responses, that nobody can alter this. Very, very frustrating.




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6 years ago

It is quite possible that the Known For titles will change, but be careful what you wish for. The system selects its five choices, and if there are fewer than 2 that have posters, nothing will be shown - the whole section will disappear from your page.

IMDb has not published the algorithm that they use to make the selection, but we do know that it more complex than just which title has the highest rating. They give films a higher rating than TV episodes; the occupation is weighted (a Director credit would be rated higher than a location scout - though this would not affect you); a staring role would be chosen over a generic one like 'Customer' and so forth.

Your only Muppets  listing is for a single uncredited appearance, so this would not be chosen.

You need to realize that this is intended to give the general user suggestions as to where they may have seen your work; it is not intended to promote your career.

As you have apparently been told before, the system is completely automated and no manual adjustments can be made. IMDb currently has 5,897,169 Name pages, with 1,526,816 being Actors and 888,190 Actresses. There is no way that IMDb could manually adjust the Known for for even a tiny fraction of these pages, on top of which the manual adjustment would prevent automated updates when the person receives new credits.