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Fri, May 20, 2022 1:35 AM



Four Of My Upcoming Projects Disappeared From My IMDb and IMDb Pro Page - Bobby Shane Ellis

Hi there,

I am executive producer, screenwriter, and lead star on "Castlevania" (my role: Christopher Belmont)--I was already listed for all of those until about two days ago.  As well, I was already listed as Jack Horner and executive producer for "Fables" and Char Aznable and executive producer for "Untitled Gundam Project" and Rick Hunter and executive producer for "Robotech"  --check the plot outline and plot summary there--I am mentioned as such.

My grandfather funded the companies and materials that made the original properties that these films are based on, help me get my roles back on there.  They are my whole life.

Bobby Shane Ellis

lead actor, executive producer, screenwriter



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Hi bseawesome -

Regarding the recent removal of these credits, you will need to email us directly through our Contact Form and our support team will be able to assist.