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Sat, Mar 21, 2020 2:27 AM


Fix language and title spelling for tt11885930

The film Taras Triasylo (1927) needs to be updated:

Correct #1 his is a silent film with Ukrainian intertitles, so it should be corrected from the current Russian (slient) to Ukrainian (Ukrainian intertitles) . See a clip from the film yourself on production company's website :

Correct #2 main title should be corrected from the current Russian-based spelling Taras Tryasilo (1927) to Ukrainian-based spelling Taras Triasylo (1927). See

I submitted these updates as two submissions that were rejected:


p.s. This is a common practice on IMDb, that for silent movies that don't have dialogues and communicate plot via intertitles, the following system is in place:
* in languages, for a movie with Englihs intertitles, the language of intertitles is selected with added comment (intertitles) or (English intertitles). See how this was done for American iconic slient movies with Charlie Chaplin:
=> The Circus (1928), The Pilgrim (1923) etc.


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