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Mon, Oct 16, 2017 6:05 AM

Fake Review and Profile

I found a fake profile who gave a fake review for Geostorm (2017). It's pretty glaring. The movie comes out in 5 days, has no American reviews yet, but this one, scheidja, ( ) gives it a 10 with a ridiculously glowing review. It's the only review they've posted, and they've been a member for two days (today is 10/15/17). 




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3 years ago

Hi Mark -

If you have noticed a user review that you believe is in violation of ourguidelines, you will need to use the Report feature to bring it to the attention of our moderators (click on the Report This link found below the review on the index page and fill the form on your screen) and our staff will take appropriate action.Cheers!

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Hi Michelle. Sorry it took me a while to see and respond to this - I was busy living. 

The reason I didn't report it through the "report" link is that it wasn't working. Quite a few changes were in the process of being made, as I'm sure you know. I've been an IMDb member for over 10 years, so I'm pretty familiar with it and how things work. 

There's a new issue however: when you do hit the "report" link which is working now, one can only choose between 4 items: 
  • Duplicate
  • Inappropriate
  • Not relevant
  • Spoiler without warning
There is no way to report a fake profile. Even if I choose one of the four choices, there is no place to expound on my choice so I can clarify why I chose it. I don't think there are many (any?) eagle-eyed IMDb employees who will notice what I noticed if I just choose one of these wrong choices and they investigate it for that particular reason. That's not intended to be an insult, it's just my belief. They are too busy to notice why this profile is suspect without a head's up from someone like me. 

So, it's still there (the obvious fake profile and obviously fake review), and why should that bother me? I'll tell you why: because IMDb has worked hard to try and pivot from the generally held belief that the scores are rigged and positive reviews for stinkers are bought and paid for by those with vested interests in those films. Weather IMDb is implicit or complicit is not for me to say, I just want IMDb to do better, and leaving things like this fake profile up are not anyone's idea of doing better. Obviously IMDb wants to do better, as they've been doing much in the way of changes over the last 12 months or longer. 

Look, I love IMDb. I have for a long time. There needs to be a better reporting system, and lacking that, employees can't just overlook things that are detrimental to IMDb's reputation and think it won't matter. Wouldn't you agree? 




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3 years ago

Hi Mark,

Apologies, this is the best place to raise this queries now if your deletion isn't accepted. I've now removed the review based on the release date structure and the date of review.


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Maybe check the movie Inconceivable (2017)
At least five of those fake profiles with 10/10 reviews.
Even the "names" are obviously generated:

All 7 months old and with only one review.
It can't be that difficult to automatically remove at least the most blatant fakes like this.