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Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 9:03 AM



fake page about me !!!

My name is Gaëtan Saint-Remy, I'm a film director.
There's a fake profile named "Gaetan Saint-Rémy" (with two spelling mistakes) and a film I never participated in "Maman non merci"
You must absolutely delete the "Gaetan Saint-Rémy" profile page.

I'm going to complete my page with the films I've made (about 12 or 13) soon. For the moment there is the film "Folon" which is correct (screenwriter and director). On the fake page some films are correct too : "De nos mains" , "Les enfants de Cro-Magnon"
Please do the necessary very quickly!



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2 months ago

Hi @Stigo,

Thank you for your problem report.

You can merge two name pages by following the instructions on our help page. By doing this, you will be able to transfer your credits from the incorrect name page to the correct one.

As for the credits you have mentioned across both pages, our aim is to be the most complete and reliable source of movie, TV, and entertainment information on the web. In order to continue offering our users an accurate and trustworthy service, it is our policy not to alter or delete any kind of correct/factual information from our records.

We believe the data listed is factual, as such we cannot remove this as requested.

I hope this helps!