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Mon, Dec 9, 2019 10:14 AM

Fake actress -- Third (!) time posting

This is getting silly and frustrating. = not a real individual. Credits are fake. Social media links are fake/fabricated. I keep deleting their fake credits, IMDb approves, and then the credits are restored.

see: and

so is IMDb actually going to do something about this, or are we going to just go around in circles?




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a year ago

Hi there, thank you for flagging this again, I've circled back with the appropriate team on this. 



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10 months ago

Hi all

Thank you for your posts and help in cleaning up the page.

We have taken extra steps to ensure correct data only is being added to the site.

Thank you again.

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It would have been much simpler and better for the integrity of the database if this page would've been deleted altogether.