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Fri, Jun 22, 2018 12:43 AM

Error in main page article - Point Blank remake

You have this article link on the main page -

It's discussing a remake of the 2010 French film À bout portant (Point Blank). If you click through to the full article, you still see that it specifically discusses that there are tons of movies with that same name, but that the 2010 is the film in question that is being remade. However, the link on the IMDb (see above) goes to the 1967 American Point Blank starring Lee Marvin.

Whew, that was a big explanation for a little thing! 



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4 years ago

It looks like this has already been reported separately and fixed, thanks. 

For future reference, the way to report this is to click the "Report this" link under the article, and then on the next page select: IMDb Fan/Contributor Questions > News articles > Report issue with news article