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Sun, Jun 9, 2019 1:08 AM

English voice cast for Soulcalibur VI

Here are the English cast members on IMDb that I am trying to delete:

Greg Chun - Hephaestus
Heather Hogan - Amy
Michael Sinterniklaas - Curtis
Cristina Valenzuela - Malicious Imp (Original Characters)

None of these voice actors are present on Soulcalibur VI's Behind The Voice Actors page, meaning that they are incorrect.




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2 y ago

Hi Eric, 

Thank you for inquiring about your data submission. 

If you submitted credits or other information to and the data hasn't appeared online yet, please read the following documentation which includes the most common reasons why updates may be delayed or rejected: 

If you feel that your rejected submission doesn't fall into any of the categories described on that page and you have verified that it's not already listed in the database, you're welcome to resubmit it once. However if it still doesn't appear, it means that our editors were unable to process it and/or felt that it didn't satisfy our acceptance criteria. While we welcome additions and corrections, please keep in mind that updates are accepted at our discretion and that we reserve the right to withdraw or reject information at any time. 

Thank you for your understanding.