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Wed, Jun 5, 2019 5:14 AM

English voice cast for Kessen II

Here are the original English cast members as claimed on IMDb:

Kirk Baily - Xiahou Ba
David Berón - Liu Bei
Steve Blum - Guan Yu/Deng Ai
Richard Cansino - Sima Yi/Wei Yan/Wu Soldier
Christopher Carroll - Cai Mao
Cam Clarke - Yu Jin/Zhou Yu
Lara Cody - Mei Sanniang
Peter Doyle - Dian Wei
Richard Epcar - Pang De
Melissa Fahn - Himiko/Huang Yue Ying
Michael Forest - Huang Zhong
Rebecca Forstadt - Luo Luo
Eddie Frierson - Li Dian
Steve Kramer - Yan Yan
Lex Lang - Zhuge Liang, Zhang Ren
Doug Lee - Narrator
Wendee Lee - Diao Chan
Michael Lindsay - Pang Tong
Ralph Lister - Sima Yi
Julie Maddalena - Li Li
Dave Mallow - Guo Jia/Cao Bu
Michael McConnohie - Xu Huang
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn -  Cai Wengi
Steve McGowan - Cao Ren
Randy McPherson - Guan Ping
Matt K. Miller - Ma Chao
Tony Oliver - Fa Zheng
Bob Papenbrook - Zhang Fei
Jamieson Price - Xiahou Yuan
Joshua Seth - Jiang Wei
John Snyder - Sun Quan
Paul St. Peter - Zhang Liao/Liu Zhang
Doug Stone - Meng Huo
Terrence Stone - Zhao Yun
Kirk Thornton - Cao Cao
Dean Wein - Gan Ning
Dan Woren - Cheng Yu

I was looking for Kessen II's Behind The Voice Actors page, but sadly discovered that it is not available. Take Soulcalibur II, for example. On the right of the cast is a section titled "FRANCHISE RELATED", below "VOICE COMPARES" and above "MOST POPULAR". In it, click on the text saying "SEE ALL GAMES >>", on the bottom right. This will take you to the Soulcalibur franchise page, straight to the GAMES section, where you can find all the known entries in the series so far. The original Kessen is currently the only game in the series available on BTVA, meaning that there is no FRANCHISE RELATED section on the page. I have provided links to the voice actors' BTVA pages above. Their known roles are listed in alphabetical order, making it easy to find the ones that you are looking for. Read the GAMES section of every voice actor's BTVA page from start to finish.

No one has provided any reliable sources of information for any of the credits. Because of this, all of them should be deleted.




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2 y ago

Hi Eric -

Concerning this title, I found online sources to help verify that the game does exist.  Concerning the English voice cast, I did find the following community thread on Behind The Voice Actors: where fans and players of the game have discussed the cast.

If you believe there are incorrect cast members listed for the English Voice credits, please submit the applicable deletion requests through our online Update form and our editors will take a look.