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Tue, Dec 10, 2019 5:49 PM

Dubious studio partner forcing bad quality primary poster


While looking at some video game titles to update their data or images I found these three:

Their common point? A low-resolution and bad quality poster submitted by a "studio partner", therefore uneditable by a regular contributor. The latter is not even an official poster, it's a fan art.

My question is, are all these "partners" verified? I wouldn't be surprise if it was the same person behind these three primary posters. No professional would upload such bad images especially when it's supposed to help promote the title in a way.

There's also someone polluting galleries with his own badly edited posters.
The person basically just add some text over an official poster and add a watermark.
I reported one (#191207-173414-757602) and found anothere here:
As you can see, there's even a fake copyright "Scorpio63 aka Roland Christian". I don't know if you can track his/her previous image contributions because I bet there are a lot of them here and there.





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a year ago

Hi Reeltor, thank you for flagging this, we've opened a ticket with the appropriate team to review.