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Fri, Oct 18, 2019 9:31 AM


downloaded tsv files and lack of data inside

Hi all.
I downloaded IMDB tsv files
(name.basics.tsv.gz, title.basics.tsv.gz, title.episode.tsv.gz, title.ratings.tsv.gz,  title.akas.tsv.gz   title.crew.tsv.gz  and  title.principals.tsv)
but it seems there are lacks of datas here or there.
We can't find, for example, all datas related to a crew for a particular movie. A short list of them is given instead of a complete one.
Is it normal or have I misses something ?
Thank's for any suggestions


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1 y ago

That's probably correct for the basic datasets, which only contain limited data.

On the datasets page, do you also see a section titled 'Extended Dataset Details'? It might not be there for you, since the extended datasets are only available to those who have 1000+ approved contributions in the last 360 days.  [I've previously asked staff several times for this to be explained on the datasets page itself, rather than only on an old post here].

The extended datasets do include the complete cast and crew for each title, along with some other extra data not included in the basic datasets (although it's still not all of the data you can see via the IMDb website).