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Fri, Nov 1, 2019 11:20 AM

Doctor Sleep in France

Hi there

I unsuccessfully tried to change the french title of the movie Doctor Sleep ( via this MDb update receipt: #191027-210217-110000

In this respect, I have explicitly proposed two French sources: UGC and AlloCiné. Two references in France. And these two sources agree to confirm the title of the film in France: Stephen King's Doctor Sleep

Therefore, the IMDb answer is as surprising as disappointing: “We have been unable to verify your contribution”. How is it possible ?!?

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1 y ago

IMDb has this rule:
One exception to the "as it appears on screen" rule: Author or filmmaker possessives such as Bram Stoker's Dracula, Disney's The Kid, or Andy Warhol's Flesh are used only in alternate titles with the attribute (complete title) unless it is a part of the joke i.e. Jane Austen's Mafia! or Monty Python's Flying Circus. Note that by the time The Meaning of Life and Life of Brian were released the group had adopted the name "Monty Python" qualifying both as possessives. However, in certain cases, where the possessive helps to identify an otherwise ambiguous title, we will allow the possessive title to be added as the (imdb display title) as opposed to the otherwise (complete title). This should only be submitted as the (imdb display title) if the possessive title is how the title is commonly referred to in that specific country.

The editors probably didn't see sufficient reason to include the author's name in this case.

The title Stephen King's Doctor Sleep is also used in the English-language promotion, so I'm not sure if there is a significant difference between that and the French release.

If the name is included in the title screen in the film, it could be included in a "complete title" entry.

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1 y ago

Thanx Peter. That makes sense!

Your answer is clearly more understandable than the automatic and irrelevant answer I had previously received