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Sat, Sep 3, 2016 10:23 PM

Do you take actions against fake ratings?

I usually trust the IMDb score when it comes to selecting movies, but this one seems really off for a couple of reasons.

- It's an indy movie and those usually don't get close to 5000 votes so fast 
- Oddly enough 4000 of those votes are in the 7 - 10 range
- anything below 7 looks as expected

So I have the feeling that those 4000 upper votes have been created by some kind of bot. Are there any preventive measures taken against that?




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4 years ago

Everything we can say on the voting system is covered in

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4 years ago

Not seeing my question answered in there. Does that mean that the ratings here cannot really be trusted because nobody checks their validity?

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They don't take action. For example the TV show 'Shooter' which doesn't even air until later tonight already has 37 votes, 20 of them at 10 / 10 and an average of 8.4. 

They also weight the votes so the IMDB staffers can (and do) skew the results on certain films and TV shows. Look at the breakdown for the remake of Ghostbusters and you can see the staffers have shifted the voting balance on it.