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Wed, May 20, 2015 12:30 PM

Deleting old IMDB film listings?

I represent the producer of a new film, and want to delete an IMDB listing for it it that the film's director previously started, as it's linked to his account. I have the director's agreement to do this, but no one knows how to go about it. Then, we will relaunch an IMDB listing through the producer's account. Any idea how to delete, not merge, an old listing?




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6 years ago

Robert: A film listed in the database isn't linked to the account of the individual who submitted it. Thus, you shouldn't need to delete the entry.

Just go to the page of the film and click the "Edit page" button, and you should be able to submit whatever additions or corrections to the data on that page you need to submit. If for some reason the film has wound up having two different title pages, go to the page for the less correct entry and submit a Title Correction to have the title match the title for the more correct entry, which will merge the two entries.

If this isn't working out for you correctly, please provide the link to the film's page and what kinds of things you need to change, and let us know what happens when you try to submit the changes by the normal method.