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Tue, May 4, 2021 2:46 AM

Deleting 2 my OLD imdb profiles and transferring credit from current IMDB to PRO IMDB

I have 4 accounts.

a )1 very old IMDB user profile with an incomplete name created when I was a teen with an acting credit for a walk on part. Needs to be deleted. I didn't   create this profile. I have contacted the creator of the profile.

b) 1 IMDB user profile with incorrect misspelled name. Needs to be deleted. I believe this is my handiwork.

c) 1 IMDB user profile which holds a significant career launching producer credit with my legal name but no head shot.

d) 1 IMDB PRO with head shot but missing the all important producer credit. This profile was recently created and has an elongated version of my legal name as the system required a variation of "me" to distinguish from the profiles with my name.

I need to transfer the producer credit to this page and operate this profile exclusively for my work. Any ideas guys?

Can somebody help me please? My problem is complex 

I would like to delete the 2 oldest accounts and retain the latest, the IMDB Pro. Unfortunately, this Pro acc bears a surname that is not my professional name. This is the account I need for work. Inconvenient, I know.

I have edited my name in settings in both my Pro and regular accounts to no avail with the intention of deleting the 2 oldest and retaining the Pro. I have also checked that my Amazon ID is congruent. However, although the settings display the corrected/edited changes, the pages don't reflect on the user display profile.

My producer credit is attached the regular IMDB account other than the Pro which has a nice headshot. The producer credit 

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.




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