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Sun, Feb 12, 2017 1:29 PM

Deleted show is not coming off my account.

Dear Editors, can you please help me take off a credit on two shows that I am on. I have tried once (Delete option) and filled in the reason for deleting, but didn't work. I don't have time to click on 300 single episodes and enter my reason 300 times.


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4 years ago

What is your reason for wanting them removed?

Valid credits are not removed simply on request.

You have not specified (here) whether the credits are (provably) incorrect (and therefore do not belong to you), or if you simply do not want them to display.

If another actor with your same name actually belongs to those credits then they would need to be moved rather than deleted.

If the credits are valid and you simply don't want them displayed, your request will not be honored. IMDB attempts to have valid credits for all shows. So moving them to the correct person (if it's not you) is the preferred method of fixing things.

You also have not linked your IMDB name page or mentioned which show credits you are referring to.

The more information you provide, the more likely IMDB staff will be able to help you.



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4 years ago

Hi Alexandr,

Please could you supply some more information? What are the credits you are trying to remove?