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Wed, Sep 25, 2019 12:15 PM

Declined: Reason—unable to verify.


I'm trying to submit some corrections. I'm a Steadicam Operator in the EU, but there are a load of electrical department credits belonging to someone in New Zealand on my page.

I've submitted the deletions three times, but they have been declined each time. How should I proceed?


All the best,

Chris Fawcett




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2 y ago

Hi Chris -

Instead of submitting deletion requests, please submit credit corrections requesting to move the incorrect credits to a new page listing for "Chris Fawcett".  Once you have re-submitted the credit corrections, our editors will then take another look.

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1 y ago

Hi Michelle,

I'm disinclined to do this. It seems dishonest to create a page for some person or persons about whom I know nothing. I'm disappointed that my efforts to correct rather obvious mistakes on your website have come to this.

All the best,


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1 y ago

IMDb can't just "delete" them, since they would be deleted from IMDb altogether (not just from your name page).

Here's one example of CF working as a gaffer on a New Zealand based production. IF you're not this person and you didn't work on this film, it's pretty safe to say that you can create another IMDb name page for this person (I believe "III"):