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Fri, Jul 6, 2018 4:50 PM

"Declined" image update question.

These images:

...are duplicates of this image:

I edited the tags to delink the title (to mute the duplicates), and the updates were rejected as "bad formatting" or words to that effect. Any idea why?

Sorry, I can't provide the update numbers because they got moved to my trash folder and permanently deleted. However, I provided a detailed reason with a supporting link, and have successfully cleaned up a lot of duplicate images in the past.
You should be able to see the update history for those images internally on your end.

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3 y ago

Hi, Carter Hayes. Wait. Are we to understand correctly that you used clicked the "Edit Tags" button (and made submission using the corresponding form) instead of clicking the "Report This" button (and indicating a duplicate)?



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3 y ago

Hi Carter,

Thank you for your message. Apologies if there was confusion with the last discussion you experienced regarding images. Please note, if the image is a direct duplicate of another image already on the site, you should be submitting a delete request for the image, and not just for the tags within the image. There may be times when this is rejected, such as if the image you report as a duplicate is the image currently being used as the primary - in these cases you should submit a delete request to the image that is not the primary poster on the title.