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Sun, Mar 16, 2014 8:33 AM

Death Actor used his voice

How come an actor Glen Shadix use his voice after his death 2010 on 2011 movie called "The Little Engine That Could " ?????? Please some repect and some attention...


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7 years ago

2011 (March) is the release date. I am sure many films released that year were filmed 2010 or earlier. Such a situation is fairly common.

Notice, for example, Philip Seymour Hoffman has passed but still has titles coming out soon.



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7 years ago

What bluesmanSF says is quite correct. And it is probably even more true in this case. With animated films it is quite common to record the voices first, then do the actual animation so that they can sync the action to the audio. Therefore, his part in the film might be even earlier in the process than in a live action project.